Listen: "Face Off is it seven, day one of NFL free agency did not bring much to the Patriots"

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Jonathan Daniel
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And sixty-four Bruins back out of tonight at home against Carolina Dave gush and Bob beers begin a cover did six thirty on ninety-eight five The Sports Hub faceoff as it seven day one offended fell free agency did not bring much to the Patriots they have signed free agent Linebacker Ramon Humber more special teams player Denver free agent quarterback Brock Osweiler shocked if you people he is signed with Houston for four years and seventy two million dollars also the New York Giants aside defensive end Olivier Vernon to a five year eighty-five million dollar contract and the New York Jets aside running back Matt Forte saying the Reds odds won an exhibition game from Pittsburgh sixty-two David Price will make his spring debut in Fort Myers today against Minnesota sport somehow beyond the brought to you by building doers checkup Bowman Google and Yelp refused to see why they do winless most trusted Chiller visit them and tax free New Hampshire or at Bell men's dot com I'm John Wall look at Boston toll for Sports ninety-eight five The Sports Hub your next update in thirty minutes he's taken has your read socks tickets to Bob against Opening Day marathon weekend in Yankees three yourself or someone special one eight hundred my seat or visit a's ticket dot com.