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Dana Loesch: What The Influx Of 'Rapugees' Is Doing To Sweden

The Dana Show

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Sweden's rape ratio has skyrocketed withy influx of thee refugees there in the middle of a massive at the dead at a violent brutal rate, and crime statistics have shown that rapes not just in Sweden but also in Norway are overwhelmingly like ninety percent proper traded by Muslim immigrants, these were some of the most recent figures from two thousand thirteen to two thousand fourteen from a report by sweetest public radio the first seven months in two thousand thirteen over one thousand Swedish when they were raped by Muslim immigrants in over three hundred of those were under the age a fifteen the number of races up by sixteen percent compared to those in two thousand and twelve yeah and were talking about where the men's standing up to this all that's right feminism as a masculinity we we can anymore because that would be some sort of demonstration a masculinity an we know shovel race sort of somehow but as a pre set position Audi hopelessness of the female Sachs and all this is been decided on I Harry arm pitted Miley Cyrus wanna be Elaine a Don on one Dana a lack of logic feminist women's study idiots to go to these liberal arts universities in waste everybody's time money interest and airspace by studying how what it is they have of a giant give me a break