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Listen: Pretty good with back neck season right Anna goodwill Bisbe lesson to you that if you're gonna steal

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Patrick Smith
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Good morning Well I thee NFL coaching carousel prepares to come to a stop time will tell whether teams a made the right choice have we should be their team or not the next season by if one indicator is to be believed there's one quarterback who stands to benefit immediately from his new head coach hours after the San Francisco Forty Niners hired cheap Kelly to be their rebuilding project merchandise bearing the name and number of go starting park former starting quarterback Collin Kapur Nick was no longer on clearance on the team's website NFL reporter Michael Rosen bird noticed the changing maybe observation on Twitter Rosen burger rigidly tweeted in November that all of Kapur Knicks merchandise was put on sale and following his banking in favor of blamed yeah bird this could be in indicator that the team thinks about hiring of Kelly could rejuvenate Tapper Knicks career with the Niners which had look to be all but over nights book out when they did a good job of getting himself put on the bench how sure they'll me on of those part of a system you know that he was not succeeding inner whatever but right in the Hudson interesting development their incentives kind of a mysterious injury targeted the season and panic they're gonna kept the Moth a field so but yeah that's a new indicator we should be looking at be merchandise price point indicator Matilda capita Jersey's I've got about twelve dollars back up in the seventy rain yeah yeah yeah that I get a get a quick before they they did boosted back up when he comes back from pretty good with back neck season right Anna goodwill Bisbe lesson to you that if you're gonna steal.