Former Gov. Jan Brewer: Why I Think Donald Trump Has What It Takes To Be President

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do you think Donald Trump has the temperament to be present the night state. [Music] well yeah, I know him personally I said Dan within he's always been a very, home, tying in very thoughtful and, I've always shown and that he was a great listener, and he certainly couldn't have become the successful business man that he has becalmed, but not having Really Smart, people around him and he listens to I think he's a leader and, he will, turn our country around I think he does have the right temperament, I think they're probably hour, Ont, the two sides to everybody that runs for offices, and I think that we've seen publicly aside of young Mets that firing scrapper and then I and people didn't know him personally, I had done business with him, realize that he's a very conscientious a smart, [Music] leader with great vision, and now that he is relentless and, getting things done and getting them done correctly, and successful,