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Listen: Donald Trump: "She's married to a man who hurt many women"

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Darren McCollester
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In the Egypt south of Chi role early today I'm Christopher crews Donald Trump is continuing his attacks on Hillary Clinton and on former president Bill Clinton's alleged marital infidelities she's mattered to a man how many women and hit if you look at ninety how many women the women that he appears from spoke last night in a rally in Washington State but Kentucky Derby favorite has won the runs for the Rose's eight eight unbeaten horse to win the Derby right it's going to be notes Gator we homers with a goal in West would ones boards John P Mario Gutierrez won his second Kentucky Derby after writing aisle have another to victory in twenty twelve someone bottle Powerball ticket in New Jersey that's worth more than four hundred twenty-nine million dollars last night's jackpot was the largest since their record one point six billion dollar prize in January which was share twenty-three people I'm Christopher crews what is it about buying in mattress that leaves you feel like violated is it the pushes sales people the fake president stay Sale for the fact that you know your regret we bought as you do to walk a shame out of the match or store I'm here to tell you those days are over hi I'm Christian one reckoned bought co founder Felix lede where you can buy mattress online customize for you for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands go to he'll actually dot com.