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Listen: "Okay fair enough we won the Super Bowl, so got some you know, happiness out of it"

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Brian Bahr
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I grew up in St. Louis went to combat the you know that last call of course that he's simply with says 'You know what happened perhaps so you know los Angeles help on the other team for a long time for all three this so I'm going the holdup although it was a set with everyone saying the whole thing was in St. Louis being upset about the Rams' if they want you always to begin with did you take OK for whatever I marked his socks for us and I hope I understand but never in some people about way with a left L.A. Wednesday Lewis we're going to find up we won the Super Bowl to the got some you know happiness and of the but I don't talk about NASCAR of advice yet so so you know my feeling in his arm and ask our guys you know like when I'm in Missouri getting rights under people snow I would I would love to see race late was scramble against twenty Stewart monitor via the Ashe right i'm not sure did not know I'm of the field a race between from the steward newfangled and mascot is the quickly grew quipped exactly the same one flak right Daytona pick him whenever and I were back to the drawing Stewart beat him and overall Time Ice and that's saying something because of the fact that if you look at all of life the winning margins in mascot in their slight points four point three seconds right now just about could they're going so fast but the matter is it's really difficult through on a NASCAR and and and the proper White and so when you have is these guys yes there are not great athletes they're not going to go run single and someone under here national going to jump on the wall and pickup of pop Flyer they're not going that you know knocking the sometimes someone but what they did who is that is going to have an a smaller enough with a time that we'll stuff to be able to go out and beat the other guy it's one thing thanks to appreciate it a point to make it and he was talking but given the Rams and didn't miss it was people crying about it he stole the Rams have a bit given backed they were you're is to begin with their Circus too far until the last game although mystery and the people only goal comeback for the old and the kid doesn't want to even backed is now you or is you with the unfair fractured his Stevie un CBS material undergone my brother how you all good hang in there you know of one point about the mascot I mean I this I can get into a man that with the really feel that mates amaze is too long as long as they cut down those lapse maybe you know it's likes Gase deal for the maybe just maybe because for me this with all the tough Eagle released it's always with the car crash at Minute Maid Biggio Maddon the Vikes football only time to really kid as somebody you know got a concussion would have been a local high to the glove Bass was He'll call to work on his rehab new to me why you know I don't know a copy Willie his sin mascot when there's a bit wrecking you you know when the by getting hotter yet you'd like to see a spectacular cause club through the air kind of because you know Pete which is what I see action.