Listen: "You know he eventually became a San Diego Chargers"

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Rob Carr
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Five it's George's Joe job loading Joe done Loney did not in a place in the top fourteen at the University of Oklahoma yes I know but will concerns final tiene there the University of Oklahoma nineteen why didn't showed on Loney have more Heisman Trophy vote I don't know I mean it was one of those he was sort of a one-year wonder at Oklahoma and they didn't have particularly great teams at that than they weren't the dominant season the fifties so well yeah if you want me to break at all down you know he eventually became a San Diego Chargers you know that yes he was with the Redskins who is with a few teams over there and I have that good of a player I know I know but I like to snag now when it comes and now won one game sharing against of course is c'mon will sheer against any my Jiri get much about loading all you want to be the most famous and I want to be the most famous learning and he is on the bench fortunately with the Golden State Warriors are however have you try to get a Looney jersey though you should know I would do that you're going to get your would not it was because I had the lone eight stars it do you want to send him a message to do the warrior Piatti to get him on your show and say you should have it does that when I bet he would send you know terms you have the right I I barely like talking to athletes who starts I went as the is curious cause I mean hearing the Mr. LW I'm though the words the world is full a little needs you know that I mean hours are there I mean I.