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Listen: "Don't worry because put them trump like each other" IPHONE OH S

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Spencer Platt
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You doing this but then plus don't worry because put them trump like each other so a prudent gets mad trump were able to talk him off the wedge send torch i over here forte not like i think it every fight hey love you wanna new iphone seven i've won seven plus friends he's got but only thank you let him on who is your carrier oh care again feet so if you want to big one or small the seven or seven plus that onboard some plus well i don't so connor wise i've got everything except no other gabbert what what comedy one lack of it all right i've got it so i want you to hang on that apple just released iowa's ten point two today it's a big release it's got some new i'm oj which matters a lot of people strangely but they they do it's gonna tv app that is awesome it has of the three new wallpapers it's gets it a whole bunch of stuff added two of your follow need to be upgraded tight thank you have a maestro sacks on that i'll give up a high but if i'm ready for a part in right they told kirk we're but they prep one not in that case maybe she'd wanna the coming omaha bigger hands are there but you can have either one you want but she might want a small one you might be right not not i don't want to talk you want to be the i'm just trying to be helpful the most people like i had somebody seven backup plus just two big i'm which i don't understand that begins the best phone ever main the world but if she like this here's a phone nuts years at one handed yes years of that bad that five and she can't use this one handed it that's a big deal to her of the plus will be too big jeff should've improv okay i'll tell you what okay what we is wilson just seven and if she doesn't want the show on severe let us know replacement but in the meantime hang on semester snarling get your address awaken hamming out to tomorrow back you're just like it my friends will be back don't goaltending limbo on a half to find the truth and out of bounds radio station on the in that more year whether station w win.