Listen: "Maybe for Spurs ninety-one eighty-eight"

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In the exact we have a lot of energy this was the tenth game in sixteen days i believe the knots it's crazy you know that because it's not just a running and the flying but it's getting yourself emotionally revved up for ten straight games in sixteen days it's a lot and so I just didn't feel like we had any juice thrive on grain had twenty-four points nine rebounds and six assess the Hornets rally from twenty-three points down in the second quarter maybe for Spurs ninety-one eighty-eight and they win the game despite scoring just seven points in the first quarter your me when I twenty-nine for Charlotte you know the Wizards drove the Hawks wall left corner Porter catch and shoot hats and that's great news Feed sixteen one oh five ninety-four Wizards was day wizards Radio the Wizards beat the Hawks one seventeen one road to their fifth straight win John Wall twenty-seven points fourteen assess elsewhere Cavaliers clinched the Central LeBron James a triple Donald McCown's over the Nuggets won twenty-four ninety Warren also Bulls one own rankings one oh two Celtics over the Magic One oh seven ninety-six pistons ninety-two Bucks ninety-one Pacers beat the Sixers ninety-one seventy-five in the Grizzlies turned aside a star and one oh three ninety-seven college basketball Oklahoma State higher speed of Austin as coach Brad Underwood as their new head coach Pittsburgh Head Coach David.