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Listen: "Six days and counting to Super Bowl 50, the Broncos and Panthers arrived in the Bay Area yesterday"

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Victor Decolongon
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I got aI got caught a little bit off guard Durant said Torey fines is in the books now fellows this update brought you in part by too many only sports drink doff the healing benefits turmeric when you're weekend warrior horror pro athletes with ball natural to me everything is a chance to get stronger now available at del since France not occur held on to win the Bennett Torrey Vines held over a day by when and bluster e whether with the wind's blowing trees down on the corset Torrey pine snap occur within the club how sitting on a six under total and watch the rest of the field just fall off the map He is the only player in red numbers through the final round He finished his fourth round at 3 under six under for the tournaments one shot had a KJ joy joining an eye Jimmy Walker Both were vying for over and five over to their final round Snickers benefiting from getting off the course early yesterday six days in town and a Super Bowl 50 the Broncos and Panthers arrived in the Bay Area yesterday and hide machine him tied here tonight with the first-ever Monday night Media Day it's sunny NFL Network beginning at five o'clock their billing in as Super Bowl opening night quarterbacks big Manning of course in can Newton topped the marquee Newton already familiar with the question of his monster tooth antics has some say are controversy all peers can see into what he'll be asked again another dozen times tonight now here I am I am doing exactly what I wanna do wanna do a and I look at a mere this me no nobody change mean nobody you know may me hacked a certain type away and trademark.