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Oscar Mix-Up - Bonnie and Clyde

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Business reports okay what we News Radio a twenty-five in fifty-five after every hour, it's the some movies you may be sore you saw have earned a some tongue-in-cheek awards, yeah was a pretty bad moving on of bird song versatile that, I've got, you think of Biden for him, in this ladies Batman versus superman doubt, this was so bad at one for not so covered raz the awards worst remake worse cream combo forward stars were a screen play where supporting actor, Hillary's America this secret history of the Democratic party has been named the worst picture of the year at the end will Golden raz Barry awards, whereas he's are determined by Bow thousand voting raz remembers some twenty-five countries who apparently don't mind suffering all that much, Sam Let's in your C.B.S. news, bus Vegas is journey to online gaming and it's a latest attempt to attract millennial visitors, later this week millennial ease sports will open the two hundred seat arena with dozens of game console for competitive video game, first up is that halo World Championship qualifier accompanied by a fifty thousand dollar prize pool, the company says sure says Vegas needs to keep reinventing itself to remain relevant and it's not alone in trying to drive up millennials interest, some of the new were nine gaming amenities include rooms with pump that said Brown just with foosball and air hockey I'm Jim Johnson, at the C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden clear skies going to thirty four over nights. 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Doesn't insurance company, a snapshot not available most answer from legends, they're dot org, the jersey sure overnight mostly clear and cold a little thirty sixty grease Monday partly to mostly cloudy high fifty-three K widely news time, well thirty, it's, that is in studio right, and in the nation, us news and will report this is a lot of the news radio ten sixteen, news authority in Philadelphia, good morning and John blurry with his C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden thirty seven degrees clear skies thirty seven any still playing going to thirty four overnight, the news at this hour I'm Kristin Johansen vandals damage about a hundred heads Jones in the Philadelphia Jewish Semin Jerry here he is a common rain to show complete disrespect a ten thousand dollar reward now set up to catch the culprits, the newly elected Democratic National committee chairman says the president doesn't walk his talk literally hours in the top administration he was a fraud he made it harder for first time homebuyers to buy a home I'm not, , but in Los Angeles the movie industry honored their best at the eighty ninth Academy Awards also in the news Hollywood star passes I'm Deborah Rodriguez C.B.S. news remembering actor Bill Paxton, in sports in Grapefruit League play Philly stop the Blue Jays ten the three in college shoots the cell last year Mass eighty four seventy one pts I'm serious three meteorologist barring Casey overnight mostly clear less when the low temperature thirty-four far Monday milder with increasing clouds a high temperature it fifty six Tuesday we're up to sixty two degrees part. The Sonny and Myla scattered showers around and we have even warmer temperatures in store to kick off the month of March what to expect in your five day forecast coming up and at the C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden clear skies thirty seven agrees thirty seven I'm a if you're going to thirty-four overnight, dude only news time twelve thirty two-time for traffic and transit on the juniors, there are no problems or delays on the road that this that our were nice unclear on the scared what's roast way both directions in a now the city the Vine Expressway his opening clear through center city no problems all and I ninety five that's when you term but we're still closed on the connector bridge the New Jersey at least until April it's due to structural repairs for thirteen the Burlington resto bridge is you bet, est alternate, oh problems there were there everyone for Bucks canny, and we're clear on the drives in Philadelphia, to its new are in for twenty-two look good no problems out jersey on the freeways yet up towards a bridges fifty-five is clear, and the problems in the, it's if you're heading towards the shore points our next Trafford updates in less than ten minutes, a Mike Langford that true Marte Financial Credit Union twenty-four hour traffic centre, thank you Mike you what we news I'm twelve thirty three Philadelphia detectives are investigating the does a creation of at least a hundred grave headstone to the Jewish to material for the weekend. Investigators are trying to determine whether was it intentional bias attack, ten thousand dollar reward has been set up by the anti defamation Leake, he would at least Kristen Johansen has more it was just after nine thirty win a man call police about three of this family members had stoned knocked over at the now Carmel Jewish Emma Terry Bocchetti get Frankfurt en ese Jon Hamm avenues when authorities arrived they found at least a hundred other greats also damage to detectives are looking into whether it was an intentional bias attack, domi out there is the see dijo of the Jewish Federation of greater Philadelphia if stripes a court of the year for goes of, who now Jewish history and there's a common ways to show complete gets respect for that us religion mammoth Jewish people assist, lead the vandals hit some time overnight Saturday in to Sunday anyone with information is Ertz to call police a fundraiser to repair the damage had sounds has been set up a Jewish that we gotta work Chris in Joe Hanson K by WWJ News Radio, the day after his selection to the chairman ship of the Democratic National committee former labor secretary Tom Ferenc made the rounds of the Sunday political talk shows, can way double these Molly Daily reports appearing on CNN's State Of The Union for us rejected president Trump's claim that the G Opie is now the party of the American worker literally hours into the top administration he was a fraud he made it harder for first time homebuyers to buy a home hours and to administer is administration days later he made it harder to. Say for retirement in nominates a justice a judge for the Supreme Court the last two eviscerated collective bargaining presses it's Democrats you grow the middle class was we lead with our values is Democrats and talk about what we've done to make sure we're protecting Salsa security protecting medicare, growing good jobs in this economy, if you want good jobs elected Democrat that's the message that we have to communicate Molly daily cable I WWJ News Radio, to make a flood that the eighty ninth Oscar is is the wrong winners announced when moonlight was supposed to be given the best picture award, city yesteryears first report on Oscar ceremony for the ages and not you know good worry The has starts flying Fast and Furious some Hollywood big words likely feeling the same way of money and Clyde couple of a half century ago or out on stage to announce best picture Warren Beatty and FEI don't away, Raul, one of Lions producers directors were on stage accepting the award, when said the way it became apparent that the wrong pitcher was announced and now moonlights, moonlights team is about to come on stage to accept the award we have never seen anything like this happen before, they don't away for some reason thought use all mama land Auntie, on the piece of paper and was actually moonlights thirty appears correspondence be Futterman describing it backstage in yes la la land which is many things what best Victor Oscar winner is not one of them C.B.S. new special report on Tom forty. and now the Eyewitness weather five day forecast, after Julian into the weekend which are worth returns as we head into the upcoming work week but for tonight mostly clear less win down the thirty-four degrees, our Monday some sunshine to start then increasing clouds becoming mostly cloudy funny afternoon milder with a high temperature up to fifty six Tuesday were other than the sixty sixty two degree is partly sunny with scattered showers around as we head into Wednesday will need that umbrella mostly cloudy and warmer showers likely a few thunderstorms possible as well with a high temperature it's seventy three to, agrees to kick off the month of March that's three degree shy of the record high temperature in Philadelphia, poor by Thursday on the back side of a cold front windy with morning showers in graduate clearing a high temperature at fifty four, and chili and seasonable by Friday a mix of sun and clouds blustery with the rain or so shower possible and a high of forty four, but dry when his weather forecast I'm C.B.S. three meteorologist line Casey on cane why W News Radio and that the C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden clear skies going to thirty four overnight to it of the news time twelve thirty sets, americas largest into what a balk he's coming to the Boca knows this mom and here, not going to one in this, yeah we're shares used to down one of the many here raising what is not. 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He still cross thing it, and you make your money, is a dangerous, over that engender, Nicolas hold publicity Jones with Ben came XLII and Anthony Hopkins all this time, now Playing, really PG through team meeting appropriate for joining a thirteen, Bruce real danger he's not, travel to Denver for where accessed what flights safety drill, inside and information double surprising win frequent Flyers C.B.S. three Monday at eleven, that's the C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden clear skies going to thirty four overnight, it's Hollywood isn't morning Sunday at the loss of Bill Paxton the prolific actor died from complications from surgery, Bill Paxton appeared in some of the biggest movies of the eighties and nineties he played an astronaut in Apollo Thirteen, is totally art four hundred thousand passing entry into face he was a storm chaser in twist are, in halftime, Bryant, he was also in the terminate or aliens an Titanic at film critic Leonard Martin says the actor could often be found in smaller projects when the half feels a McCoy's winning series came along he sees that some act as much a long with away for the next good movie to come along he did, so really good rolling we took it still taxed and was sixteen one Deborah Rodriguez C.B.S. news, it was different Police Department in the glossed or County prosecutor's office or investigating a human leg that has washed up on the sure the double river in National Park New Jersey. Thirty say woman walking her dog found the limit called police, I see the discovery is the lower part of the leg from the knee down, Fisher say it's been taken to the medical examine his office in a DNA simple we'll be collected in hopes, to make an identity, it's thousands of young Jim lists flocked to the Pennsylvania Convention Center Sunday for the final day of competition if the ninth annual pink Invitational, what over the community affairs reporter Cherri Gregg explains why these young ladies are tumbling, wearing the well was only a Tartt socks that headbands roughly three hundred young gem this, competed to raise money for breast cancer, with the pre here, he's a Miller and the call the reins competed with Kendrick the Betts Jim and Brock's barreled the Rays thirteen thousand dollars for the cause doing cartwheels we get on Thursday, to get donated Derek Carr they'll be Dylan I'd like seventy, the a damn right in a total of happen million dollars for you night for her down there swelled instead of the proceeds paper well this services, TDs the burden of chemotherapy giving man actually puncture yoga Tristian Consol on Saturday Jen this got a special treat, the visit from us a limping Jim this glory Hernandez, right, okay but abuse Radio, the C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden clear skies going to thirty four overnight, it's a good smart market is used to I W News Radio to communicator message everyone I know listen to get wide of una drive Lawrie runner of eyes near ever accounting in advisors always now messages text messages on people saying her John or any of this morning seven years on July W but you never forget your first I was in the car wasn't while that that that size like that was. 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