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amb khalilzad - Listen: "If that no Constitution on them giving in different regions of Afghanistan off on me"

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Andrew Burton
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Complete list dangerous but no less difficult at the United Nations the best goal Z again welcome back where we're talking about Afghanistan some of the hopes for outcomes there are up you were mentioning the compromise that gave rise to of a Constitution a federal form of government really well sort of the focus on a couple do you think that in hindsight it might have been better too the deal more directly with some of these Tribe's and some of these of various fractions rather than try to forge a play central government which is proven a difficult to say the least and and now seems increasingly under threat from a rendition tile about what are your thoughts on their comes to show that may have got them Braves was not that and Head The Constitution day embrace unit government Constitution and come up criticized that deadly a Fab showed up in Poland if that no Constitution on them giving in different regions of Afghanistan off on me and based on that mid to a far cry at Bat oh what happened Afghanistan and added the country before the common to take over in nineteen seventy seventy mission in the seventh and eighth the unit that pummeled government and if I was club in life and that I am weather and they will we're not about that because eight the Cullen and Abreu toward the Soviet well again the act and then we supported the Afghan vendetta struggle against the Soviet then we made the mistake of abandoning Afghanistan on and I want to play and it all up on him are at the end at the end and wanted to go back to that Constitution under the Monarch he accepted have played them on with the and with the President the tension like our system so to use described in several perhaps as the wrong word for this but I meant a centralized government's rather than one that takes advantage of sort of The to various faction to to try too develop sort of a more direct partnerships with them and and ends in the early returns were a positive I think it's fair to say how did that translate over time however into this situation we faces the moment show I think it had said of the Yankees were pretty him being in Game one of the net he and I grant a company that pick on a good bet that the proved his Constitution they were knocked out of the about the I'm the peak of that Billy Dea what went wrong in my view out was the hockey.