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Listen: "Pistons win by twenty over the Portland Trail Blazers"

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Leaves the game is the NFL's all-time leader in career passing yardage the Tigers improve the four in three in Grapefruit League play as they down the Miami Marlins nine two yesterday in Lakeland could start for left hander Matt Boyd he doesn't give up four runs in his three innings of work Adam Scott makes a back-to-back wins on the PG Torre as he knocked off Bubba Watson to capture the Cadillac Championship yesterday at the route but when moves got in the first place now in the latest Fed Ex golf ranking but regular season over for the Detroit Titans they lose to White State eighty two seventy two yesterday's quarter-final Round of the Horizon League tournaments at Joe Louis Arena from the ticket update guess I'm Tony Ortiz for more over ninety seven one the ticket dot com he played great tonight one of his better games scored ninety you know never was one of his better great bounce back Stan Van Gundy one foxsports Detroit Pistons win by twenty over the Portland Trailblazers I should biggest already NBA home straight losing to the league yeah that happen the at blown out to you know what with along eighty two games size in games like that are going to happen but the fact it was the Lakers in Kobe Bryant's last year that put a little more spice into that story saves the biggest upset in NBA has no seriously because of bummed I think the point spread at went with the Lakers were underdogs by think seventeen in a half-point at home wow yeah that a says the largest road favorite in liked the last twenty years and they do this whole like should win percentage in chance of winning and they said it was the lowest or highest or whatever it was it wasn't even the biggest upset this weekend.