Listen: "One of the best quarterbacks of all-time lose everything loses skill"

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Christian Petersen
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All off with Brady and all of a sudden to just eighty one of the best quarterbacks of all-time lose everything loses skill I never thought would see would paid Manning I never thought we really what I mean it if you had told me two years ago with great win when Manning was putting up those records that he would win a Super Bowl two years later I would I'm just assumed he would've been just as effective as he was two thousand thirteen maybe slightly last but still effective maybe what the better defense but still be a very very good quarterback but instead he was allows he lost his job came back was average and yet a defense Wroten to a Super Bowl championship but the underlying question with the Tom Brady contract extension isn't the surprise of getting wind of course he's going to get one the picked the page the pitchers are going to have were going to give him deals until we really can't play anymore and until that day comes he'll be a Patriot and that's forty-five Bell before yards fine what do the New England Patriots duo Jimmy brothel where they go now because they drafted Jimmy Graham following two thousand fourteen knowing that you know hey look Brady is going into the twilight of his career we never know when again Father Time strikes Gropp below could take over the team inning year two three but now you have given Tom Brady this extension that could Phillies forty-two just drop below have just just sit around and wait for it he signed through two thousand seventeen but think about this if Brady completed his contract Bravo will not be the starting quarterback of annoying a Patriots until is seventy year in the NFL we thought Aaron Rodgers had a bad waiting for Brett Farve Gillies so while the New England Patriots do I take Jimmy drop and try to get some serious trade value form do I put.