Listen: "Tom Brady sits out the first four games of the year"

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Al Messerschmidt
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To make that kind of my next season than the twenty first quarterback in salaries Dalton at sixty-nine Carson Palmer's being sixteen five I think it's a really tough argument that he should be at that number not that either of them are then theres a huge drop off to twelve point two is what falls is making as the twenty second one that's why the Summit between the twelfth before dimly dollar range is the middle ground they suddenly job I think about these just for a minute nah I'm one of two the Jets fan but I wanna readily admits Tom Brady sits out the first four games of the year picture just a winning the division the grit listed with who's not a team division that's ready to step up and take the division away from but you can't think that way if you are one of those coaches or you are one of the guys in the front offices in Buffalo New York or my him know it's an opportunity so think about this Tom Brady is on the bench for the first four games eight if you re signed Ryan Fitzpatrick as scary as this might be you tell me Tommy but I know the answer who is the best starting quarterback in the AFC East for the first four weeks it's the Jets Don't get me right Danville don't do it it's not a right did a hell I don't even know he Buffalo's gonna start Buffalo doesn't even though he Buffalo's going to start the Jets re signed Ryan Fitzpatrick they have the best starting quarterback in the division for the first four weeks my god how putrid is that division so I watched the France also listeners you can have Ryan Fitzpatrick you can have Brian Hoyer you have Johnny men's out pretty well when your quarterback drawn up there right when he was hit out there but one to complete to hold while eight five five two one two forwards India's can throw to bought there too is available at the Bell eight five five two one two four two two seven all the NL's in framing CBS Sports Radio.