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Listen: "Peyton Manning abused somebody in college"

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Mike Lawrie
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And the headline was a stark headline was Payton's reputation built on lies in para phrasing and then goes into this whole story but out how he posted a picture on his own Facebook page of Cam Newton and Peyton Manning hawking after the Super Bowl and said why is this not being talked about as much as Cam Newton's postgame press conference and they got a ton a comments and tunnel like someone in the comments was Peyton Manning abuse somebody in college and he like it was like I don't remember this really and then he did some digging people send him some stuff and all of a sudden he's got this Smoltz by page some seventy two page after David from that was written by the accusers lawyer you know you have to remember this The Q lore goes into detail about this incident between Peyton Manning in a trainer female trainer while he was that Tennessee now follow me with this is very tough and try my best to keep it In a nice little thing that we can understand so a lot suit was filed by six former female Students Against the University of Tennessee last week and it's athletics department saying that had a hostile section one environment and stretching back to the mid ninety snap Payton is mentioned in this this is that same court documents he saw the same alleged incident is also in this loss it so in this lawsuit it says that Payton the worst part of it being the real that the sexual assault allegation being a Peytons on a training table this trainer is helping him with I believe in ankle injury and then he is somehow gets naked and is Gennett holes are on her head and her face this is in the in the report so Payton did eyes this she says that it happened and all of a sudden there's no charges being filed he writes a book later where he said that she is a potty mouth and she que was him for definition the set allowed a court things been done alright and now all of a sudden it's common bright topic yet and that's what was interesting about the stories affected me very litigate this and a great job navigating through especially the last part of that well done is not easy known know when you're talking about didn't lose all of on ahead but it's interesting we've gone down this road he so that the formation lawsuit wise this reserves use resurfacing because to what has occurred recently there'd University of Tennessee are what's been alleged to have occurred their recently that what you know who won't with one of their best linebackers parlay their best if the team couple years ago because of sexual assault charges so that this is is interesting White and had to go all the way back to the nineties and applied out to what's currently being alleged they're on the campus of the University of Tennessee so I've and that was I was taken aback but that they would first bring that back to wipe the stuff that happened would pay nor allegedly happy when Peyton Manning and then taking care of it's been litigate it's a wise that relevant now and I guess are trying to say a the culture existed way back dead continues to persist now so that's not only the nineties with twenty fifteen in two thousand and show that this is something that's been Perpetual they're teed averse to Tennessee and the biggest criticism Bob Crabbe it's of the Indianapolis Star is a guy I think he still works there but he's he wrote about this and I just to be th are sports now he's used to be with the Indy Star I'm not sure he's been a long-time Writer In in Indianapolis and and his big gripe with Sean Kings Oracle is that he presents the facts of case which is the seventy four page document but that was written by the accusers lawyer and in the peace there's no on their mention of anything about Payton's lawyer refuting any blame so it's a really is a one-sided argument or so i'm not saying that Payton did this or didn't.