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I said to Kevin you have to take Kevin Durant

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Jed Jacobsohn
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Whenever you draft four need you make Cole awful franchise ruining the sticks big The best player of able blow when you Draft for need you get Blaine did you miss the obvious in nineteen eighty-four Portland was locked into that mentality we need a center when it a center we need a center we have to take a big men and they ignored Michael Jordan who is out there at number two after the Houston Rockets took a game Olajuwon what we have Clyde Drexler we have Jim Pettine was an All Star last year when you to center they take Sam Bowie and it set the at bat they've never recovered from that move and then two thousand seven twenty-three years later Kevin Pritchard on the General Manager of the Portland Trailblazers on my show locally and I what I said Kevin you have to take Kevin Durant though this is sample we all over again with Greg Oden he was hurt in high school he was hurt and college is brutal Duran is great I thought Kevin direct is one of the best college players I have ever seen and his one year Texas superstar but we have Brandon Lloyd why do it and I said don't Kevin Kevin you're making the same mistake that's the women made nineteen eighty-four with the Portland Trailblazers your drafting for need I keep hearing when his setter we need a center we need a center we have Brandon Roy to our haven't All Star the same position it you don't think Clyde Drexler and Michael Jordan could've played together successfully you don't think Kevin Durant's and Brandon Roy can played together successfully Are you crazy and I said take to read take and he he hung up on me it's I do this day that might be the only guess who got so upset with me held up and I was imploring him to take Kevin Durant net Draft he was a great college player he could catch and shoot and knocking down all day long he could not down the three point shot he could taking off the dribble and finish at the rim he could get a rebound I go coached the Cup he was greats like what he's done in the NBA in the MVP in the leading scorer all these years in a row take the best player available it doesn't matter what the makeup of your roster in us whoever you think the best player is draft him I don't care if you've got ten guys who play the same position take the best player Mike to Corsi Sporting News.