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Listen: "They beat LA Clippers eighty seven eighty one, as the Clippers take a season-high of forty six three-pointers"

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Now with delays downgrading Sports Stories on woeful logic on the Beast nine eighty by far the biggest win of the season for the Denver Nuggets is big beat the L.A. Clippers eighty seven eighty one and the Clippers take a season-high forty six three-pointers made just thirteen of them and that leads to an important demise for allying ending their four-game critical home stand had a disappointing two with two of the losses coming to the Nuggets and the Warriors J.J. Redick had twenty points Chris Paul had seventeen points ten assists but seemed a bit worse for the wear after the game with I'm held ball bumping incident and also a couple of other ailments doc Rivers asked after the game the status of his point guard I'm not sure you know I've done it a couple things going on the biggest they're targeting then that the injury got a shorter caught but I'm Batchelor Show Chris Paul offers up his own diagnosis but also offers no excuses for his team's lackluster performance in its home stand finale in our come in a more like every other day to treatment and be ready offered Friday a tough loss I did a lot of credit at the same time we got a win games like this came out before dance starters to we got to bring own energy you know those kind of flat marathon a did tonight these are dance like that too the road trip is a brief one for the Clippers who just have a one game today in Sacramento before coming back down to the Staples Center to face the Brooklyn Nets are pregame coverage drama in sacked down right here on your new home for sports the Beast nine eighty six grizzlies beat the Lakers one twenty-eight one nineteen kobe Bryant played one of those spots on the Memphis scoring just thirteen points on five of fourteen feuding Jordan Clarkson played forty one minutes with twenty-eight points the end will welcome a twenty-two has a Lakers Luke With a forty-eight time in fifty nine games Matt Barnes the former Clipper had twenty-five point Mike Conley added twenty-four fusillades Bruins on Thursday facing the Cal golden years now coming in nineteen in a few feel like they'd been it well the nineteen debut as he drove is also in no Cal taking on Stanford where the Champions League quarterfinals in the L.A. galaxy those Laguna match up a full-time role on the opening.