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Listen: debating whether the Fed should raise interest rates the that maybe

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Wept a heat their homes is it totally a positive obviously Lester and will company unless you living the town like Houston worthy impact has been pretty sizable Jennifer most Americans you know anybody who drives a substantial amount it's at huge savings it puts real money and their pockets in US companies like Walmart they see a major difference in spending you know when gas prices are this love Anthony certainly are Financials news included a lot of what was going on in Europe especially in Greece a lack of confidence their currency the Euro went down a did that have any effect on the American economy I think there have been worries the what's going on overseas you so weakness in China to end am certainly in Europe that may be the slow down there could suddenly starts a drag over here that's that's was part of the concerns when people were debating whether the Fed should raise interest rates the that maybe you know after these years of growth we've had that there is a slow down in front of us but you know of all these economies in the world the one that's shown the most resiliency in recent years is the US economy it may not be going great guns but it's been but it's been steady it's been solid and in the forecast at least in the near term Mr that the continue and remind us please thee unemployment rate is around where he unemployment rate is around five percent were adding about two hundred and ten thousand jobs a month and have been for a while now we'd like stronger than that but that's a very respect the bull number that CBS News senior national correspondent Anthony Mason thanks and happy near rampant happy knew you're Dan not a CBS's Steve Futterman on scandalous behavior in twenty fifteen some of the most recognize a poll names found themselves admired in controversy this year hi Glenn Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was accused of knowingly using under inflated football territories played whipping the rules I would never do anything to break.