Listen: "When The Warriors us the toughest thing a match up because they"

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Jeff Gross
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Here and so goal Jaeger his bat has done a good job of just being able to keep that Kane viable in the playoffs right now no foul early in the fifth position and turn you can follow Brendan on Twitter at the night twenty-two from stay inferred in the NBA for twelve years as a point guard in now on Fox Sports Southeast the analyst for the Memphis Grizzlies with Pete Prairie guy who we live branded it's great to catch up thanks so much for a couple of minutes we how much all of players of for them that an affiliate which well are doing at it that was high fun level Leonard do it consistently night in and night out in attributes are those players individually they are dedicated taking every game is it as an important game offered to the coaching staff keeping them ready night in and night out to be able to compete so it it's been amazing the watch what they've been able to do but when you go down a look at the players and with coaches that those half I used he was Arizona had to success so Brendan looking looking at the two teams adept obviously has a lot to do with that which one poses the tougher matchup which one do you think is tougher Ted match up against when The Warriors us the toughest thing a match up because they with them playing one future either played the day their offense officially he forced and used some point side down for them in China played they're tied the game and they have believe me they play together but just as good if anything he has ever played in terms of sharing the ball with one another when I have high skill players at every level even though now can eleven players the former Kane so with having the ability to make jump shots in crucial still situation but that also going to be focused our envy of Luckman as they are defensively they put a lot of pressure on opposing to try to have to score every possession because there's such a threat from the three point line and can going on a run in a heartbeat their depth must to make the Grizzlies a little bit Dallas at times considering all the injuries and sometimes it feels like Memphis is putting six players out there to play every night but as a fifth sent when we we've been look at all those years.