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Listen: "It felt like a Laker parade, more so than an NBA finals atmosphere"

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Christian Petersen
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Mike again homesick brother good job next man areas of early on Mike live live at the Staples Center yeah I mean hang out Kanye forget Kanye it kind of comes up first of all that Kanye get out of the locker room you know it what are you doing here heat you're a fan to get out Gabba locker room you don't belong here yeah but he was given a issue that that's pretty cool that's pretty good you know I saw some of the pictures from outside him it looked like that Mike put a good way it felt like a Laker parade more so than in NBA Finals atmosphere with everybody outside with every all the festivities going on it what it was like a parade was that the celebration and it was a celebration of a twenty year career that's I thought it was a very good moment a very a very special moment eight five five three two three four NBC eight five five three two three four six Colby yet we have a Colby postgame yet or not the Czech depth woman it because we wanna get the people I want to win here with Coby said of you know Kobe's had a couple of things that his postgame saying that the perfect ending would've been to win a championship but obviously Lakers we're not in that position also thankful that his kids got to see him play the way that he use the plight if you will you know being at the top of his game all that stuff eight five five three two three four NBC eight eight five five three two three four six two two will continue to take your thoughts on Kobe Bryant as he is out wrapping up his press conference we will get you that press conference when we come back live from the Staples Center you'll hear from Colby bright.