The Secret To Sustained Happiness

A study conducted by two academic organisations across various European countries sought to find out which activity - between volunteering, education, politics and religion - would be more likely to lead to long-term happiness.

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"What religion involves is gratitude. Regular expressions of saying thank you God."

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A study by researchers at the LSE London School of Economics and Erasmus University Medical Center Netherlands, found the secret to sustain happiness actually lies in participation in a religious organization. Interestingly, while religious organizations significantly boosted happiness, research has found that joining a community group actually led to decreased happiness over time. One of the most puzzling findings is that although healthier people are more likely to volunteer for community groups, we found no evidence that volunteering actually leads to better mental health. In fact, volunteering for community groups often leads to greater depression. Look why religious groups? Why do they work better? Because the whole essence of religiosity, at least as it's practiced in the Christian and Jewish worlds, the worlds that engage the overwhelming majority of Americans. What religion involves is gratitude. Regular expressions of saying thank you God.