Listen: "Ryan Anderson, is that his first basket"

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Doug Benc
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Offensively news it was to be one of the great players in the history of Notre as his job schedule slide action to the hoop by Ryan Anderson knew that his first basket that's the two of us like guy too you know what he's doing it sounds like he's picked up right where Barbell Bird left up you know Bill did the bar the entire game it was well at that yet it that he would have snapper their eight who is that after you don't play but there's something between Ernie Johnson in its slight not take Bill Walsh done with Joe yeah Steve snapper Jones that's rate David at the three men who threw like the NBA Finals and Bill Walton would be Stepan each other Latin guard do it in a playful away like he was bad because this guy sounds like he hates Bill as that bar that's it up saying so the least Marv isn't Marte right rise also a nationally known you know he's but they're two giant Alpha males here's this guy he's Dave you just kind a laid-back and enjoy the fact that Bill Walton is there so do you think Bill Walton has a lot of respect for four Maddux and maybe letting me know what's.