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NFL Player Vincent Jackson's Foundation Provides Support To Military Families One Game At A Time

Having grown up as a self-described military 'brat,' NFL wide receiver Vincent Jackson talks about the work his foundation 'Jackson in Action 83' is doing to provide educational and emotional support to the families of servicemen and women serving in the armed forces.

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"I really understand what the military lifestyle is all about, what they go through."

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Vincent, tell us why the military means so much to you my good man. - Oh, I appreciate it man. Thanks for the rundown on the event man. We're very excited about it. This is our first year with this exact or this specific program. But, if nobody doesn't know my background, I am a military brat myself. My father served in the army for about twenty one, twenty two years. My mom was in briefly as an enlisted soldier and then she got out but ended up working for the government for the next twenty five years or so. So I've just been very familiar with you know, living on a military base dealing with having a parent deployed. Traveling, you know, multiple times as a kid, changing elementary schools. So I really understand what the military lifestyle is about, what they go through and there's so many great foundations out there that do a lot for the troops, you know just as we do. It's very well deserved, these guys, these men and women are out there making the ultimate sacrifice. But other than this, we also provide some support there and bridge that gap there for the family structure. I think sometimes people forget what's going on at home with the spouses and the kids as you know, these families have to transition from place to place or overseas, and things like that.  So, we really try to hone in on you know providing programs and things that help them. So, this event is just another one of our programs that is just I think going to take off and well received here at Tampa in our backyard. Tons of supporters, tons of local businesses are coming out looking to actively interview and hire these young veterans and you know, people looking to transition from the military world to the civilian world. And, we couldn't be more excited about it.