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The Jim Rome Show Covering: Kahn, Theo, NFL, Drew Brees, Twitter, Franco, Kevin, Johnny [Dec 18 2015]

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Coming up next hour so I should Twitter Kahn says you're not plan Franco money today there is no fifty dollar gift card no fifty dollar gift card Theo I do wanna get into Texas an MA what's going on there Kevin someone remember when I was not and some and now we got the huge huge contract but was all about how we keep this guy on this guy could have any callers job he wants an if he has won a college job goes go right did NFL he's got the wrap he's got the five he's gotten ability tickets game Players respect and they react to and now the sun ends great will quarterbacks We know that Johnny men sell Drew Brees drew blood so Ace can and now the guy loss not one but both have a star recruits a freshman at a sophomore couple five star guys I knew what the hell's going on there i don't think they need to worry about anybody poaching him what's going.