Why We Wrote 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story'

Writers Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander

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Frederick M. Brown
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 scum I've never done television before we turn the turned on most things it turned down most things can earlier well-written also missions earning fur us an exit going cut bogus because you're done allowed true life material so people just, throw a name at us and then think were gonna respond so they just say Woodrow Wilson are UN, that's not good never also write and it's gonna orient my list there and services Scott taught that was got yeah yeah we have they have be idea that really excited us in addition to that personality and the real life that we've done at would be people verse Larry Flint man on the moon and these are all people who were realize not a thing a free you want real people are top about no you know we likely quite a bit earnings Walker reasons I would run a brings OG cases rebel time Mrs Larry was Larry. Is be you know be old had a Joe you know trigger stranger fiction that movies and to lesser you're right now TV users also cookie cutter that my waiting kind of like as a Trojan horse bringing in arrest material and the places is but it makes you not true story is a especially happen and it seems a connect more but you've been sufficient link successful at this point you're life that people send you a lot of stuff yet they want you to worry on and rub visualize the same before we tenor turn down everything, when we were told that some and was doing the soldiers Simpson project Scott my dislocation and saying said yes filmmakers I would've think he would say now or no I mean there was there go a long form that was appealing insurance all you're listeners know the mid budget drama of has collapsing pictures yeah and everybody try do that kind of characterize writing is booming overdid TV Larry and I. I don't understand normal TV shows where there's like five character's I get together every week and the US in their living room and they banter I'd be you we would not be able to do that but a story with a fix art or the beginning middle and it Lisa reminds us of what we've been doing all these years, i'm concerns we heard their their OJ we look at