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Rapper Mac Miller: People Need To Stop Taking Donald Trump As A Joke

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Jamie McCarthy
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Everybody cj indy angela yeesh element that we are the breakfast club we got maclin miller in the building their something you may down come into down eleven yeah i you're trading lauded you if you become president i mean whom yellow twitter me when put that it this is this those than the matter is that people we need is dot taking it as a joke because it could actually have been an data to you i know that's why we guns and that's what we guns is full of people need to stop taking it like is just a joke because if you all just kinda laughing as men will be the president of the united states and we'll get out of it it and i'm only speaking so serve though i but like there's a real dingman likely never though he make it is that everybody was not seeking a gag series and now you and it's and now we're all sitting here likes like the last is went from the light you know me so like what we do that yeah exactly an ace is it's crazy man but that's what we're we live in people's tom and there like you and i seen that tv show like he has money like hubie great but when now we have to say play basketball.