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Obama's MeanTweets, Version 2, Go Viral

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Ethan Miller
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Because live this morning with google tens expert stephanie see about what's been trending the most online the past few days let me play this clip from president obama and his mean tweets president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states exclamation point at real donald trump we'll donald trump at least i will go down as a little you know the nhl's zinger their set that one up yeah out the depth with that i mean we had over eleven million beauty to date of people watching that video with only a put it on monday so this is a look at how bottle has read mean three down the jimmy kimmel live showed back in the second time he didn't last year and hit a clip that on one of the top trending videos on you give up twenty fifteen but as of goran paper you had a tough funny video full of obama reading i'm not a critical to be think leading the one he played applied other about his new now you can have it and you know goes a dazzling workout you can find it on you keep if you just pitch for me and tweet private alabama addition number two it's a funny bet thank stephanie google tens expert stephanie she's thirteen minutes now probably our.