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Game O X news timed five thirty good morning I'm Tom Ackerman and than dipping Monterrey coming out will have more from CBS News on what happened in Indiana yesterday but you should know that we could see a shower or two this morning about surpassing through the area but the rest of the day should just being mix of sun and clouds and a high of sixty seven today cleared cool overnight mostly sunny tomorrow when Hyun sixty-eight it's fifty-five degrees in cloudy now at five thirty one CBS News Update likely Republican nominee Donald Trump coming off a victory over Ted Cruz in Indiana will he get more parties support now it's gotten a lot of goals from people more in the dead was an if they want to join did he just told them as NBC so what Derek Dorsett Republicans because it was to rob and they were nets after losing by double digits to Trump in Indiana Ted Cruz ended his campaign for The White House are the set ATP years that has been fourteen Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Indiana and sizing we have a path toward victory total would is on our path Sanders is now one eighteen states and looking ahead to the General Election Donald Trump was focusing on Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders said that she's got to work judgment of and he does you look at the email scandals he should they be allowed to run CBS News Update I'm Dave Barrett KMOX News time five thirty to give STL days extended so half pass noon today due to some way it's website stumbles yesterday that means you have seven hours laugh to donate your favorite charity so far more than ten thousand people of donated more than one million dollars IQ main society tweets they raised more than twenty thousand dollars during yesterdays Fundraising blitz they give STL date dot org is the place to go to give money students it say you're Elementary School in for Leonard wouldn't is very had some special guest to read to them yesterday Carroll Daniel tells a Su you guys when you.