WWII Medic: I Had To Decide Who Would Live And Who Would Die

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 just like that Morri was a Matic he remember says first state in combat, oh, he had to learn how to survive in combat and he had to learn how to be a Matic, trinity of, we sure do, fifty two twenty five people that are, or whatever, fifty people, or fee show which took, no for sure that you make the right decision. What we told her she lives, right Turley medics we're on arm but they were expected to be in the middle of the fight, we should that work with, we are one day, go, we are at the showcase, radio for free for free, what, i've with a small company, or go to the station that we're we're going to go with you, we're sure what this year, the show, everybody turned it over there, The more is Jewish can covered from ugly attitudes of the army, attention, or visit use the people were, the work never really what fiction. To show the more richer, it uses, You work with a situation where should we really go, the third try trimming fateful to his religion even on the battlefield, Jewish, never ever and court that your show, here's your time she church, age, but we were really sure try to sure, but it would be, look to it so, thanks for your call for you, really, fish, forty to forty or so, you know we were we were in that page, and the coffee shut up, oh boy, work to to , and I am short break, the show. For sure, like a sees will continue after this, which ever ways we service all makes it is of course entrust matter what you drive for more domestic our technicians to feel and touch makes repairs tires work with oil change we can take care of you have broken Chevalier, and aging veteran of stories to tell a just barely wanted to remember hospice of the west reserve contacted me I spent in afternoon this he shared his members, he talked about that also ladies and we had a few last but most important we