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You know and cole sponsored by some into roy blunt SPACE FALCON

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Or space sacks a center rocket into space for the first time since a launch pat explosion in september the two stage falcon nine rocket lifted off from vanden burger for space in california on a mission to place ten satellites indoor been for really in communications minutes after the loss the first aid returned earthen landed successfully on a barged in the pacific ocean doing their el on march space rex company wants to begin caring astronauts into space next year it plans to watch twenty seven rockets this year sam let's in your cbs news missouri's to us some others are renewing efforts forget the legendary riverboat del to queen cruising again on the mississippi river and it's tribute carries legislation file this week by senator you know and cole sponsored by some into roy blunt would reinstate on exemption for the delta queen to federal law that currently prohibits overnight excursion is on wooden vessels i'm tom forty cbs news i meeting shower otherwise mostly cloudy low forty three tomorrow mainly cloudy high fifty five periods of rain started to pick in your work week on monday high sixty four tuesday occasional raymond thunderstorms in the morning followed by spotty shot resuming afternoon high fifty eight times of sunning cloud of wednesday and miles calling sixty two find accu weather's chuck allen's and on remarkable voice of races mark love it going russia rogers extremely aggressive to get back up there in the mentally trump didn't do that about my did a great job grimy drafted into that obama did that they're going on your brain trying to do that obama did that not minutes trying to essentially matching the south china say drop didn't do that obama did that amazed trying to say.