Writer Claims The Lost Ark Exists And Has Gone Rogue

Writer Graham Hancock discusses the possibility that the Ark of the Covenant still exists and may possess technology capable of killing people with bolts of fire.

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"Some sort of awesome weapon that strikes people dead with bolts of fire"

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If you had access to the lost Ark of the Covenant, would you hesitate to open it given the opportunity? Yeah I'd absolutely hesitate to open it. I think we're looking at a piece of lost technology and there are some indications that it has gone rogue. Rogue? Rogue? Rogue. That it kills its keepers. There is some, an old tradition in Ethiopia that a single monk is appointed as the guardian of the ark, once he is appointed to that position he can never leave the precincts of the chapel where the ark is kept. I got to know a number of these guys over a period of several years and a number of them because once appointed as guardian of the ark their life span tends to be very short, like two years. And they develop cataracts over their eyes and they complain that the ark is doing this to them that it is their faith, their burden, their responsibility to be the keeper of the ark. That might imply some sort of radiation? I think it does and I've speculated on this as I was researching the subject and it's one of the things that turned me on to the possibility that the story of our past might be badly flawed because the ark does sound like a piece of technology. I mean here's an object that, if you read the biblical account, and of course I didn't confine myself to the biblical accounts, there's an incredible incredibly rich heritage of the legends of the Jews and of other extra what they call extra-biblical sources, outside the bible, which are filled with references to the ark and eerily, again and again and again and again,  what you find these references are describing is some sort of awesome weapon that strikes people dead with bolts of fire, you need only reach out your hand to it and a bolt of fire will leap out from it and strike you down, that's capable of flight, that inflicts cancerous tumors.