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Listen: "That's and then they'll be in there was the area more again i'm brand of fires started" OAKLAND FIRE 2

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Taylor Weidman
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That's and then they'll be in there was the area more again i'm brand of fires started with officials are not saying they found the cause of the fire people who knew the interior say that the illegal living spaces contained jerry rick electrical waters and propane tanks used for hitting highly flammable wouldn't palettes was used as part and even a makeshift starters a lot of people are asking a lot of questions about the city of opens apparent failure to respond to reports of code violations city inspector recently visited the site and then reported that he was unable to gain entrance for a proper inspection the fire also a spark to growing debate in the city over the proliferation of such live works pearson's for artists as many local residents are hard pressed to find affordable housing in the entire san francisco bay area but for now open fire battalion chief mo under drinking so city officials are trying to keep their focus on the recovery we're now pleasant of mine and i and we alex mandalay of the number of fire baby nowadays willing brees official see a high percentage of the building has been examined but much more work remains after the overnight suspension of recovery efforts workers were able to gain access again earlier today the job will likely get even more complicated this week as rangers forecast and recovery workers and investigators have no roof to cover them richard gonzales and pure news oakland california earlier today we spoke to one of the survivors of the oakland fire or name is carmen prieto she's a student and an artists who was living in the warehouse she says.