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Listen: "Right and you know what I look at Trump" - check for bernie (pinney)

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John Sommers II
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No matter what I've goals of my brother whatever where you not easy whatever right and you know what I look at Trump trade pure you know I I can't really stomach him but I forced myself to listen to his victory real Rel in Raleigh if you don't some you know the enemy well I want to be here but it's the whole thing you know every little thing you get the state which really needed in the save a lot of RHP but he stood actually so a lot but not what a little bit about how he's gonna compete with that and he's talking about I'm going to bring called back he's been regulations that are Rolling your way of life I love my meaning you know he's trade sort of so I've got to all the people he's entering he was Andrey no spring offense homer mean he's treating this like to President Obamas right he's treating us like it's a TV show not reality at all he's going to be king of the United States who is going to be President Of The United States he has to work week congress as President Obama has had to work with and so on all these ranking ideas of what he promises these people follow him but he's he's got a break their hearts much worse then any establishing a Republican could imagine because he's going to do it big he's going to get a win remember the heart breaking category well it so I've liked also said I agree all hardly and I will also like to see that it'll be coming from there's a lot of things that Bernie's has held because I'm from one of the guys that I let him go there to convention then per grouch did the right things well you know it was nice tickets for all of us made UK where you can so you let me know but we have been waiting for any Bernie Sanders I think it can not really out there but it's a good time to I don't remember where I was when ship it was died was two weeks old yeah yeah but I'm who science mourn High School.