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Listen: "Henry Thomas the Lion not Henry Thomas from E.T."

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Kevin C. Cox
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About this there's also is walk in Vegas is like a Thursday night I just checked in with the casino hellickson earlier welcome closer was Henry Thomas away the football lines full of Arizona's the line Harry Thomas from E.T. not going to Thomas the former lining like it was it was writes that the mantra like I was like you just are tied for a couple years two four eight five three nine ninety seven ninety seven I threw I won where I was vacationing but the Atlanta in the Bahamas and it was taking a walk was somebody and also not a nowhere I saw somebody who I used to work with and re entering that radio station I don't know where and I was just I never thought I see him it but that was only get double take you know yeah well you don't hear yeah few seen in a while and then wants a bruise concert in Philly I did it two I want throughout my high school tramon No now in Philly so yeah but still instills yeah thousand seat do the Lank with the Nats carries and he's happened like walk fire yet now doesn't mean I I remember lack she when you're not were together were down to Super Bowl in New Orleans years ago now where walking into the stadium that looked over there I saw guy went to college when you know and I was going to look up to and say high but I was like you know what it's going just be like Hey we went great friends awkward Yellin liked what he up yeah I had the same idea unlike I don't know if you know I'm saying limits Seth Meyers my good friend Seth mired in a hilarious us Myers no was not but it was it was one of those things words like it's is it's a five minute conversation right like many in the season you you have to yeah yeah but expecting get away with it yeah walking pack tackling I had one where I thought I was random and I said it was so cool and I was bet Michigan State and that an eye for some reason I had walked a this one class the same way every time though into this class It was a four or five o'clock at night Class A way every time and the one time I decided to take a different route home and that s crossing it late and the car who was waiting site Hocking a torn and I look in the car and let this is a guided a dated last year for a little while This is so bizarre like I wouldn't be here at this time at this crossing lightheaded decided not to go a different way one time out of the entire semester how we're desist right that I find out it's even more weird and possibly creepy because he had showing up to visit some friends didn't know we're I live.