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Taylor Weidman
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The i go matter better pitcher money later believe well when i like your in and we do that kind of you know that's limited you kind of the fifth his too much so you know i want to know actually what makes that church different from the rescue have a large following not all church is are a light and even people who have a bad taste in our mouth about some other church is what makes that church so unique it appealing for people to come i wanna serving fellowship yeah you know that that the very question i think it's it's it's just the people that you know one thing that you can count on when you come to the rockies is just as but says offensive transparency were open we never try to pretend that we're something more not are pastures never have never try to make the folks so to speak you know they're very transparent about who they are in and you know that that's kind of what allow people to come with the kind of brings your guard down we don't feel you happy to acta certain level or be thirteen a certain place in life before you can belong and that's the thing you you the long before you even believe you know that it's got you don't we don't make him the requisites for you at the door for you to be a part free to be love you know we know what that journey and when we commit to love people along that journey could were all honored journey ourselves and so when you have a church body full of people who just love god in art art trying their best to walk out what they know is true he kind of resonates with others in it in a time it's contagious very contagious and then congratulations on reaching out again you know i see so many talked the talk but they don't actually wawrinka oc and what am i'm speaking of you know you're reach out to prisons it you you feed the homeless.