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Listen: "Again it's Tom Brady so no..."

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Christian Petersen
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It was job or something I had no public to sell doing that in the moment in the hit him all the time the one time my Superbowl as opposed to just being on Twitter everyday or just railing on the team you know either quarterback on it on the owners to be honest I I bet Brady said something tear INT's IK on not cool you know these are my teammates in an end I appreciate your passion is that record locker room absolutely again it's Tom Brady some No Hitter No I mean this other guy started all yeah well know because he's not there anymore but when he was there we all I'm sure you sure it was like when you get the players wives together awkward curve or no I'm sure the other guys in the locker room the size of my life you know like you probably upon he's used with the otherwise in there like we don't want to talk with her cause and she's going to put all our dirty laundry on tonight's room.