Why I Broke The Code Of Silence: Former Navy Seal Brandon Webb

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it's really kind of the amazing now there we get to hear all of these great stories about the seals you know because for so long and I know you are in the middle of this a maker leading the charge for this but in a you know for so long you could hear any stories about SEAL's you you never never do anything about it and I know when you started telling your story you get criticized initially by other SEALs or so you don't break Dakota silence what. What I what I how did that come about for you and how did you decide that that was okay to do, you know my my, they were wearing, why around her quickly and and I I I, Mark how are grown survivor, a lot of Tom from career, i I and, i read there are you know I'm not, don't do it when I was when I remember for you, on, going, you think on a lot of work for, are you really hot , we're not to my children now in the room, oh I didn't know about quick on your car. I don't know what we're on your own, or you know right, where are you, right and this right away, where you shop at home, Frank, no I mean I wanna media company and you know we really do this, back in two thousand and ten, nothing on the internet that really neck, i had a window into the world and it is not what I want to keep secret, joining us Janet Tom,