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Listen: "Heading into the final night before Super Bowl fifty"

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Thearon W. Henderson
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And of all network now on the left with one Radio Network the Panthers and the Broncos in both held their final walk through Saturday at Levi's Stadium heading into the final like before Super Bowl fifty both holding a forty five minute session without look from heads as they ran through the in scenarios on he spent and a light unpaid Gary Kubiak stretched the Denver is trying to mimic the regular schedule as coldly as possible including a Saturday night curfews the Panthers holding a los Heat practice it's it was a state before heading to Levi's Stadium the focus Saturday was on situational football including the opening drive and a two minute drill head coach Ron Rivera wanted his players to be familiar with their surrounding the had them walk through the team's locker room and onto the field the full of the week of preparation went very well and hopes his team can take advantage of the opportunity this event and the network now and the West with one Radio Network <silence>.