Journalist Alex Kotch Shares Details From His Report On The Koch Brothers

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global Marshall plan for the unemployed, we have to address not only a global to safety net but a global financial institutions as well, the task would be a huge however, U.S. could lead the way by Rinne vision in the New Deal model for today's time, begin that the rest of the world which early fall, center Al Frank and will opposing team P.P. becoming months Frank uncertain Congress will likely face a vote on the Pacific partnership a massive trade deal covering twelve countries in forty percent level trade, Frankenstein quote is the largest trade deal the notice aces ever negotiated what have an enormous affected workers and every corner of our country things like basic protection for workers strong rules against currency manipulation unfair process threw which we get Ahold other government accountable for unfair trade, you know these principles because I know how unfair trade practices can negatively affected many of our industries, the iron and steal industry is so crucial to the well being of the range, in P.P. agreement signed earlier this year false woefully short of the standards, of others in Congress will join in Voting against the steal and of hope, all Frank, Los Angeles is considering tax seen million errors to help homeless people the money would help pay for how is in another Services for homeless people essential Scouting is considering tax in the million errors to help fund efforts to tackle homelessness according to a late times in