Listen: "If you think you're NFL team has won player"

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At junk in Cape if you think you're NFL team has won player is one player away I'm fascinated because rarely is any team one player away now if you tell me that you think there's one guy you could add to way of Tom Brady team that probably over a decade averages around twelve wins a year maybe you're going to be able to convince me but other than that you're you're here and you're not getting me on board that train looking at the team's who would be some of the teams that would be considered you know just on the outside looking in his contenders in the NFL so yeah you were good maybe you were good enough to make the playoffs you are good enough to make the playoffs but you work surely not a contender let's do that for second the Pittsburgh Steelers Houston Texans last year is their one player the Houston Texans could add that could make them a eight championship contender last year is there one player that's the Washington Redskins at nine in seven last year could have added that would have made them a true contender I'm not buying it now but it but the Jets Jake if they don't trip quarterback okay give me give me the guy though in free agency The or outing that's the thing this is free agency happening see got add you have to be adding somebody's going to tell me that they're somebody out there in free agency that they could add that makes a difference there isn't one there's no free agent quarterback the makes a difference and we find out from Chris Mortensen this morning our make Chris Mortensen I'm very happy Chris the doing doing well in his recovery battling in his recovery in got a chance to trade messages with more this week I'm very happy to see him in any way doing his job as he's fighting for his life and he files at five time NFL and DP Peyton Manning we'll announce his retirement Monday in Denver per a source familiar with the quarterbacks decision there was discussion this week was Peyton Manning looking to leverage that he might come back that he might decide to play again and I thought it was interesting when I was hearing people spread out those theories because my partner in Atlanta but the LW white dude and my show bucking Kinkaid with on six eighty The Fan Prout CBS sports radio.