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Listen: "The Warriors are something to behold"

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Maddie Meyer
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They're Windle open for greatness but kind every open another window Wade in right at the end of it can Duncan career they're not slowing down at all of the maven to see how the sustain their excellent can The Warriors are something to behold the nobody saw this coming nobody expected Curry and clay Andrei mont N DE Kirk and all of the clip so well With the bench that Antoni would've thought that Shaun Livingston enough and that's who you want to question my friend what would Shaun Livingston career Ben without that devastating knee injury I was brought out the day on Twitter and I think he not only Woody feet basketball famous he D Forte famous White people don't follow the NBA with know a lot about Shaun Livingston if you've never had that injury so good and it this game could be fined and look runs in a lot of trouble and that quarterback look it's a lot easier well the theory loved it I understand all of that and I'm not to skinny every minute.