Listen: "They look at a guy who can play football for them, under Bo Schembechler"

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Christian Petersen
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Program a little bit of a hired Bob Yahoo away from Notre Dame you have the Basketball Program the union I'm but you really fell into it with Kevin Ollie christian colon's force your hand you had no choice and of course you Godsey Nori him in the women's program which is pretty good to me and I'm Dan when me singles will soon there was a guy who play football for them under Bolch him back letter and he's running back to backs assessing programs hey you know well the guy well I think I saw another blow to you is Ward maybe Ole leaving for Michigan I let so it's about the phones in a five five two one two four CBS this is our suited to we do a little radio behind the scenes to still John Sterling if you will okay as I recall screen in front me it tells me the calls for sprain where they're calling from.