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Why Ramadan Is So Important To Muslims, And Violent Extremists

Investigative journalist Jim Emery explains why there is a strong connection between Ramadan and terrorist acts that often take place during the month-long holiday.

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wrote a piece recently that had to deal with terrorism and activity during Romine on and be on the Romine on is going on right now right, correct, months-long Holiday, our celebration really a from June fifth two July fifth in the United States in Europe one day later Middle Eastern Asia why's that importantly comes terrorism, well, Romine honors in most Sacred months to most until beef asking, that is goalie without food and drink for sixteen hours a day, because they're not supposed to take anything for after the morning which is about an hour and a half before sunrise and they have to a toll sunset, it's important because everything is intense rounded on being the most Sacred month everything you do is intense and magnified people who offers a caught which is the third of five pillars in his climb and so it's time for our deployed troops normally not to be outdone patrol and also police officers in the largest La Mchugh unity they wanna scale back the people brain will wanna hear their vehicles and they don't wanna creates him an opportunity, for these individuals is there any Downing remind we have ample evidence of this that this threat from Isis is Rolling from within in our country absolutely is growing from within, it's growing it's grown in leaps and bounds here Europe an around the world Isis is is it is very very good on manipulating social media their dominant, and they reached out and they've hit accord with a lot of people who are lost a lot of people who are looking for something, they want to salvage their life he won have meaning they would have anything out as a do it on social media would've they do well they they have their websites they have YouTube videos they have, you know word of mouth things that are going on so they reach out to people, for incentive and there's a lot of different incentive to be, do come radical eyes going there all out there in their promising, other promising exalted status for promising a glory, their promising seventy-two burgeoned which all of these other good things of that become order, but additional eight, I'm you know they're Ricci now with the idea there's other things going on and I track there's there's there's a little Dusty town called the Beacon in Northern Sherry it's about , twenty-five miles north used to build a poem about eight six miles from the Turkish border, it's important because all the way back in twenty fourteen in three twenty fifteen, basis did a lot of their behead aims of Western errors which were carried out by Saudi John another Washington, Isis members, they would do that and people don't realize but to be quit in the background I was did big, and for the most Stuns that zeroes in because did big inicial on make, text an believes that is where the pivotal battle between the two, Islamic arm age and a Western Army's will take place, right before, with the return of them adi coming through that, the end of marking the end of time and show many of the individuals who are be heading west dinners there would then, Conte Western forces and asked him to come to their death in defeat, and so they started doing this these type of them to time scenario is another thing that his encouraged recruits to Isis also they've taken Black flags hats also, mentioned in , basically within Islam you have the black legs coming from course found, you have a Calif. eight you have a lot of things that I says his golden from, Islamic the allergy and they've model themselves after that to be that shows in army of them Audi that will return in conquered the world for Islam with by the way Jesus with a call Lisa referenced Nick Cron is going to come back and play ended the did all, which is a false profit that will be down there and then helped the Monte and the Army's, conquered the world for Islam Jim memories with me he isn't native Saint Louis and investigator Journal's he's cover the sings for years and travel around the world he is, so you move back here to Saint Louis right in and I wanna, maybe you she was a resource in the future, and that will be that'll be interesting has as we move forward in unfortunately will have a whole lot, hopefully not but on forcefully Weeden we might have some more things, along the lines of what happened over the weekend to talk about the let me ask you this in there remains on that we have because why the question Serena debate heading into this election cycle that people want to know, what can we do about Isis how do you stop them how do you slow them down how do you, minimize the threat from within, there's several there's several ways to do that and it and that's a multi, your question never won, it's rare to have a terrorist group that has a geographic area normally quite frankly it's like trying to capture smoke, and because it's it's it's Chicago's now you have a geographic area that they claim is their college tape, we need to work more aggressively on taking out away from them number one and taken out away and they've already lost about forty percent other income from oil so cutting the resources where they've they've scale back you're only offer in half the payday used to to fighters another employs these are good but we have to do more to shut them down two to minimize their control we have to do more to shut down The Social Media Networks and with that we have to there's two other things that are going on, number one you have the funding of radical Islam that is coming quite frankly from three of our allies thought he Arabia United Arab Emirates and caucus Don, supporting these radical has been dross is which they're more radical eyes ones you're not nothing less than caught a factories, turning out Marty would be Marty reasons, suicide bombers in and surgeons and terrorists, for Islam for the Radical units and also other people emphasizing for it, you also have to cut down the direction Porter the more radical groups those factors are going on in the us we have to understand that series this, Factor going in with the blow back from Michael Brown in Craven Marte and always other things we really have to bring community leaders and politicians and, others together to address The Core problems of poverty berths out a Wed Locke, gangs drugs in course ration rate, high school drop out all of these factors that are condemning, a communities to poverty and a crime ridden issues that are going on and and now honestly that's where they need to get the police and the communities breaking down by neighborhood working together to stabilize you need to put more out reaching there you need to put put mature mentorship been there need to keep kids in school provide con swing if it's gonna cost thirty or thirty-five thousand year don't cars rage somebody, let's see at eighteen for twenty years to life that buys a lot about reached so putting positive out reach positive Messaging, and getting people back in the swing supporting this country and leaving them less likely to be recruited by the Radical elements would also be another step