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The Secret Life Of Veterinarians (And What They Do For Public Health)

Dr. Joseph Kinnarney talks about the importance of veterinary medicine in local and worldwide public health issues.

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most people think of it, the person on the small Al hospital or maybe the horse doctor that go so entry, keep opinion animals but that Neri and actually you know our primary goal no matter what you're passes and earn medicine, it is preserving and making sure or both outlook held the stronger, so when we look at and you look at a veteran to oversee the food supply we need a healthy food shorts in this country, and good, Aaron Coco part of that game we look at public health, we look at the military, I was fortunate enough to be a fourteen used in were a bit, the military Korea's and get what they do around the world and and you know in the Army you know they show up before the troops due to ensure that because I quality food store some supplied and water supply if not they have to make sure that that's brought in so on all these bases, we serve the public, not only by taking care their paths, but, the difficult, opportunity couple of years should go to work on a deal for the A.B. amazing, with the young veterinarian she just graduated to Year two ahead of time Shannon medicine asking of him and pronouncing her name correctly and I just found small because I keep getting updates from her that she's and ally period and she's working on the Bola so I think most people wouldn't think that better nary an would be an Paul, and that level of public out how does that work well I would just happened to be a Kansas State University yesterday to can speak into a groove at a was actually us China or source coming out is helping to educate Chinese for The Texans students their sixteen now but come a course not discussion, there was a brought up the importance of Buckner him and, he E.D.M., you wouldn't huge, center final year where this draft , C.B.C. to go to, Africa long another, because their knowledge was so great on how to deal with, pirates inspire all agility and set up, hospital, and so the background but it's good Marian has unique, two, the professional world we understand virus is we understand bacteria, and in today's world eighty percent on of the merging of the league, I wore recalls doing all the work, or meaning both, people and animals can get them, so having of the forefront, is critical to controlling and watching all these disease, Silas have to last that was in the midst of the blowout break and they were interviewing eight empty on an P.R. talking about the Bowler and she is talking about heard hell I smile because I had never heard, him and medicine referred to a population of individuals, as heard health is something we do a lot inviting your medicine so tight, anchor picking something up from us,