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AT&T Allowed The NSA To Use Secret Rooms Says Whistle Blower Mark Klein

An interview with Mark Klein, the AT&T Whistle Blower who says the NSA had multiple rooms at AT&t where they were spying on millions of users.

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"It became obvious to me that they were sweeping up, blindly, the entire internet data stream"

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You worked as an AT&T technician when you revealed this alliance between your company and the NSA, what happened? How did you find out what they were doing? I worked there 22 years. I came across this stuff back in 2003 when I was transferred into another office in San Francisco which happened to be the office where the NSA had just installed a secret room. I later found there were many secret rooms in the AT&T network. In this one I found since I was in charge of the internet room I was curious to know what this was all about because I was connecting fiber optic cables to a cabinet that according to documents I was looking at, as part of my job, showed the wires were, the fiber was going down to the secret room. So it became obvious to me that they were sweeping up, blindly, the entire internet data stream. It was obvious to me right then and there that, that was illegal, there were no warrants, warrants are supposed to be specific and they weren't doing anything specific, they were sweeping up wholesale all the data going across the fiber. - Did you know, at that point who was collecting that data, you knew it was going through AT&T but did you know it was the NSA? - I knew it was the NSA because the NSA came to the previous office I was in to give clearance to the one guy who would be working in the secret room. And word got around quickly among technicians that this guy was working in a secret room and nobody else was allowed to go into this room, even though it was the same kind of equipment that us technicians were supposed to work on because it was a union shop with a union contract but only this one non-union NSA cleared guy could go in there. So it became obvious from that alone that this was an NSA operation.