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Listen: "Illinois state police have issued a statewide alert for a man wanted for the attempted murder of a central Illinois police officer" 

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Good morning on rip in the KMOX newsroom Illinois state police have issued a statewide alert for a man wanted for the Attempted murder of a central L annoyed police officer the thirty-five year old Clint Pendleton was involved in a Saturday night shootout with law enforcement in the Central level annoyed village of Mohamed an officer was shot in the arm and investigators believe Pendleton also may have been struck meanwhile a trooper responding to the call about the officer shooting struck a van at a Decatur intersection killing a twenty-six year old woman the new Ferguson chief Del ration loss is going to have his hands full right from the start last week dispatch years in jail or is received word that they will likely lose their jobs this summer residents voted down a property tax increase in April but approved the sales tax hike thereby leaving the shortfall Ferguson was already facing a nearly three million dollar budget deficit and without added revenue news N DE OJ requirements the money is not there a Ferguson spokesman does tell Cam Weiss that no official notices have gone out yet to employees Governor next certain coming to front tear Park in Saint Charles this afternoon they'll be bringing along department of natural resources director Sarah Parker Pauly they're expected to talk about the Park's soil water sales track which is up for renewal this year in Cam Ward sports Blues in stars tonight at Scottrade seven a clock faceoff are coverage here on KMOX starts with the pre game show at six thirty The Red birds have a day off the KMOX forecast some spotty thunderstorms possible overnight with a low of sixty-four then for your Monday showers and thunderstorms with a high of seventy-five I'm Brett Wallace KMOX News filling in for John Grayson or number eight six six nine six two.