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dirty on the thirty - entertainment segment - Listen: "CNN's dirty of the thirty is brought to you by hair mechanics"

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Ronald Martinez
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Ninety-five ninth CNN's dirty of the thirty is brought to you by hair mechanics the win appropriate it's a different Lorenzi has never now Donald but he didn't reveal what he planned to say to hand if they add Vermette the twenty-five year old Oscar winner joining Johnny dad name teams Mcavoy in the Graham Norton said over the weekend where she revealed that she wants attended a concert and the Republican presidential front-runner was also hanging out now I was then and I heard you use attending summer mindful security like I was like find Donald Trump is I was just I was adamant on and finding him in the making a video of me tonight hatred does that he could make ago era Drake did gun as than Allen hosting duties for the second time this weekend it's great to be back on asset now works run Elias run in house now as you can tell when Canada and I noted thinking but no You Can Op move in with new Trump wins I'm sorry he has is the opportunity to again set the record straight about the relationship between Heyman or analysts sparked around man's rumors for years he said ice where only friend friend friends actually saying that Davis on one dance the slack behind you know what it's about intensity one the holding on the during needs during the morning backhand so at the Toronto Blue Jays and The Texas Rangers cleared the benches during yesterday's game in Arlington Texas Rolling on the baseball diamond during the eighth inning you're probably saw sports fans staring this in their Facebook beat Ranger second base but the Rangers second baseman excuse me a pair ticket is you with Jose Bautista he slid toward this second baseman flag that punched Bautista I'm landed wanna Holland ladder dry.