Listen: "Had the opportunity to first pick in the country"

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Jason O. Watson
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Ken Griffey to hear two and is on his game percentage of you choosing baseball was just won't baseball most vs that's it peaceful thought of better football shoes the veteran pulled had the opportunity to partake in the country and at that time it was not a Sun I've ever been drafted him in on the show we've ninety-six two eight extra sports thirteen hundred pizza per year that I get your attention all of your guy goes giving you a chance to win pizza per year with the racquet down the practice that now you need to get to any of the six of an Colorado all Chicago location and pick up your bracket filled out workload on Wednesday night and the when he bracket will receive a few months for years plus a one hundred our get for him one active Roger and I want you to all the games at all Chicago if the bracket Calif I don't extra sports thirteen hundred and online at the alright sport thirteen hundred dot com for most of this season Patrick Show listening to the best with his played better than us in the moment he added a poorly but I've seen others it just we focus on Peyton because of all of the positives in all the celebrations you were waiting before waiting for the play was gonna be this Super Bowl or another one there waiting and that's the case you certainly got your rameau their Dan drink weekday mornings seven to ten picks to sports thirteen hundred only on CBS Sports Radio I'm joined by John Scott so initially total fans not to vote for you but to vote for your teammates when you start getting Texan guys run the league telling.