US Colleges Concerned About Losing Foreign Students To China

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Christopher Furlong
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Have the money to coming over okay alright so big numbers but then you say there are some us schools though concerned about their ability to continue to dominate the global marketplace meaning what there's a bunch of things that are happening at the same time in the it's little you know i'm going to keep your but it's people are beginning to talk about in that that number oh us public university template a blind on the money they weren't best thing in them and that's where i mean the reason that and we shouldn't have an is going the best at the public schools and you know the athlete is supported what they were these to put it could into the university so the product new protection in some cases is beginning to diminish at the same time it china particular they're putting a lot of money in two yeah i urge occasions system they've had now it generation to generation and he but i just insert who returned to china in our teaching at the you know where to the trying to build up which means that the quality is beginning to increase their their ranking him global rankings it up as well they also have best interest in bringing more international student in to china too study it to really go for a solid power and if you people in your and.